The World’s First Cordless & Bladeless Hair Dryer 

A portable hair dryer delivers fast & even air flow. It allows you to dry hair efficiently & move freely.

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Cordless Hair Dryer For Anywhere Using

Sleek & Stylish 

With matte silver and ergonomic design, Lylux is more than just practical. Lylux is a compelling item to embellish your dresser and bath room.


Intelligent sensor for temperature control at 104.00 °F. Never overheat the hair. 

Ergonomic design. Weighs 1.32lbs (600g).

4 treatment modes for selection

Suitable for wherever you go.

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About Lylux

Lylux is a professional team focusing on smart household product design and has years of experience. Their mission is to deliver practical products that are not only thoughtfully engineered, but poetically crafted, to their most respected customers.

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